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Sunday, 2 January 2011

Out with the old ?

Happy New Year to you!
I find this time of year is a boon; it’s just the right time for me to consolidate my existing projects and think about starting new ones.
In years gone by, I would round up excess or leftover material and donate it to crafts groups and charities in the full knowledge that I could easily get more and start again.
This year, as part of my austerity drive, I am going to recycle my hoard and finish or create new projects from what I already have.
My supply mountain is quite impressive because I am interested in many crafting disciplines. I have tools, clay, paints, fabric, beads, yarn, parchment and wire to name a few things!
The next obvious crafting landmark for me is February – Valentines to be exact. I’ve always managed to miss this holiday crafting opportunity because it comes right on the back of Christmas, giving one hardly enough time to plan and execute complex projects.
I think that hand crafted, goods will be big this year, as people try to reflect more heartfelt meaning to their gift giving.
Speaking of hearts, I attended a silver metal clay class last October. The one day course was fun. We were a class of about 12 of varying ability, and we were able to complete a set of earrings, pendant and ring - I chose hearts as my motif for the pendant and earrings. The clay itself is costly and one would have to achieve a high standard of finish if you were going to sell your work. The items are pure silver when fired and can be hallmarked at approved centres.
More on this craft as projects come up.
In the meantime, enjoy my efforts with this new medium. The diamond shapes were my first attempt with a home kit.
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Adjustable Ring in Metal Clay, Pure Silver after firing - October 2010

Pendant in Metal Clay with Cubic Zirconia CZ crystals embeded

Heart Shaped Metal Clay earrings

'Diamonds in the Rough' of Metal Clay - using home kit