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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A Place of My Own.

Sounds very much like a film, song or novel title doesn't it, and in fact it is all three ! It's also happens to be how I'd like to refer to my achievement this week, as I celebrate the setting up of my very own  crafts workstation.
It's been a long time coming - over 10 years in fact, and I'm over the moon and deliriously happy to have at last a place however small, of my own in the home.
I bought a second hand cabinet/desk/bookcase, that has worked out just fine; it has a magnetic board, with a shelf that makes a great display setting for my finished work; a pull-out drawer with enough headroom to slide work-in-progress out of view at night;  2 bookshelves and a couple of nooks and crannies for, well stuff :-)
 I wasted no time getting it set up.

Why has it taken so long you might be wondering, and doesn't every crafter have one? Well,  as long as I've been crafting and that's well over 30 years, I've had to share my space with  family (parents and siblings), my family (children and spouse), and now they are grown and slowly moving onto places of their own. My stuff was famously all over the place; I crafted on my bed, floor, and sometimes commandeered the dining table, kitchen and living room. It sometimes dictated what sorts of projects I did -  the smaller and faster the better.
I have a Pinterest account and it would be so easy to have workstation envy, such are the innovative ways people have come up with, to creatively use small spaces;  I post some examples here.
Ikea USA, Photo

 Daring DIY: {Bookcase to Armoire}
Bookcase to Amoire, Martha Stewart

In truth, I'm very happy with my workstation so, Happy Crafting all !