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Friday, 2 September 2011

A Chicken and Egg situation

One Easter, about 5 years ago my search for Easter crafts for my Sunday school class led me on an amazing journey  into egg land ; and I couldn't wait to start my own  project inspired by the array of designs on display, and taking the opportunity to  incorporate the marbling and inlay techniques I has been experimenting with that year. 
Just google Decorated Eggs and have a look at the wonderful images
They also inspire some of the most diverse and creative decorating techniques found. Whether its  African(Ostrich eggs),   Eastern European (Pysanka painted eggs) or Western European (Faberge eggs)  there's an egg out there for you !
Decorated Ostrich Egg

Faberge Decorated Egg
Pyskansa Decorated Eggs

Eggs are symbolic of so many things - birth, new beginnings, regeneration and nurture. So much folklore  and so many traditions are wrapped around this vehicle of recreation, that I've always held a fascination for these delicately decorated items, and a marble egg  can feel so organic and soothing to the touch. 

I started my marbled inlay egg  about 5 years ago (and no, it did not take me 5 years to complete) , at some point it went onto my 'work in progress' pile !
I used a blown chicken egg. The symbols of a leaf and hearts were chosen  for love, abundance and growth. The colours were chosen for  a vivid effect  -  I chose metallic clay, which when incorporated with the colours  gave it depth;  red for the passion , blue for rebirth, purple for spirituality. I hope you enjoy the results !

 My marbled inlay egg (click on image for close up view !)

My marbled inlay egg (click on image for close up view !)